Matters Needing Attention

Application of Combustible Gas Detector
1. Make clear the possible leak points of the device needing detection, and analyze the leak pressure, leak direction, etc.

2. In line with the airflow direction, wind direction and other physical factors at the place with possible leak source, estimate the leak direction of the toxic gas in case of large quantity toxic gas leakage.

3. As for the place with large toxic gas source, there should have the detection points with the spacing of 10m to 20m according to the relevant provision.

4. The probe of the combustible gas detector is the detecting element of the sensor contacting with the combustible gas. It is composed by cladding the platinum wire coil with alumina and adhesive to form the ball-shaped object whose surface is attached with the rare metals such as platinum, palladium, etc. The user should be careful to avoid damaging the sensor when installing the detector.

5. The mounting position of the detector varies with the density of the gas to be detected. If the density of the gas to be detected is smaller than that of the air, the detector should be mounted at the place which is 30cm away from the roof top with downward direction. On the contrary, the detector should be mounted at the place of 30cm from the ground with upward direction.

6. For using the detector correctly and avoiding the occurrence of fault of detector, the user should not install the detector in the following places.
a. The place affected by steam and cooking oil fume directly
b. The place with large air flow such as air supply port, ventilating fan, door, etc.
c. The place full of water vapor or water drop with the relative humidity no less than 90%
d. The place in which the temperature is below -40℃ or above 55℃
e. The place with strong electromagnetic field

7. The user should take the following treating measures in case of alarm.
a. Open the window and door immediately and turn off the hazardous gas source. Do not switch on or off any appliance switch.
b. Report to the coal gas management department immediately. Check and repair the gas leaking device via the professional personnel.
c. After the checking and repair work, the user should provide the detector with good ventilation condition.

8. Emergency Treatment
When the combustible gas leakage causes alarm of detector and sets the automatic cutting off device to work, the user can never turn on the light or open any appliance switch. The first thing the user should do is to open the window and door to strengthen ventilation. When the red alarm indicator of the detector is off, find and confirm the reason for gas leakage and solve the problem. When the user cannot confirm the reason, please contact the gas company for help.

When the detector stops raising the alarm (the combustible gas stops leaking), press the manual button to turn on the automatic cutting off device to recover the gas supply. The user should not touch the power source of the home use combustible gas detector at random. Otherwise, the detector may not work normally.

Installation of Passive Infrared Detector
1. Do not install the detector in the place with direct sunlight and large temperature difference in short time.
2. Avoid the installation in place with strong airflow.
3. When adopting the wall hanging installation mode, for getting the optimum effect, the user should make the detector parallel with the wall surface as much as possible.
4. The place which the pet ranging over frequently is also not appropriate for installation.

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