Intelligent Residential Function Introduction

Home Alarm System
The user installs the glass break detector, magnetic window switch, and microwave infrared detector at door, window and balcony, and mounts the smoke detector in bedroom and living room. When there is the illegal intrusion or fire danger, the above corresponding detectors raise the alarm immediately, and send out the alarm information to the center via the network to form the anti-theft, anti-robbery and fire prevention home security and protection system.

The user can also install emergency button in living room and other main rooms. When needing help in case of encountering indoor robbery or fortuitous accident, he can send out the message for help to the monitoring center by pressing down the emergency button. The emergency button keeps in alert state for 24 hours, and it works with no password. When the user presses down the emergency button under abnormal circumstances, the sound and flash alarm system in the house would be actuated. At the meantime, the alarm signal would be sent to the property management center of the intelligent residential community.

The combustible gas detector is installed in the kitchen and bathroom. It would give the alarm when detecting the combustible gas leakage within the detection zone. The combustible gas detector works in the state of readiness all the time. When there is coal gas leakage in the house, the sound and flash alarm system is enabled and transmits the signal to the property management center of the intelligent residential community.

Perimeter Protection System
This system mainly employs the perimeter active infrared intrusion detection. The illegal intruder would trigger the alarm control host in the alert condition and connect the alarm device to notify the personnel on duty in sound and flashing mode. And the alarm control host would show the code of the intruded area. The surrounding security lights would also be started for lighting.

TV Monitoring System
The management personnel install the CCD cameras in elevator, and at all major entrances and road section of the residential community. In the management center, the security can watch the 24-hour monitoring video of all the cameras in the residential community, and save the video. This monitoring system can effectively avoid the theft and fight in this area.

In the system, apart from some conventional monitoring devices such as monitor, PTZ controller, video recorder, etc, the control part of the system adopts intelligent digital image motion tracking alarm to realize automatic operation control. It can automatically record all the intrusion within the protection range and switch the screen to the personnel on duty. The system would also emit the sound and flash alarm to remind the personnel on duty of that.

By using the design, the whole monitoring system can work more effectively. The personal and property safety of the residents can rely on the modern security and protection system.

Building Intercom System
This system is composed of power supplier, video distributor, electric control lock and door closer. On the building entrance, mount the outdoor camera on the burglarproof door. And install the indoor monitor in each household. The visitor at the building entrance calls the corresponding indoor monitor. Then, the resident can observe the image of the visitor and know the situation outdoors via the display screen on the indoor monitor. Each building in the residential community can be connected via the network to actualize centralized intelligent management of the whole residential community.

Electronic Patrol System
The security patrol management system is to set up security personnel patrolling route and install patrolling sites within the residential area and at some important parts. The security patrolling personnel carry the patrol recording machine to get to the patrolling sites in line with the designated route and time, and complete the recording work. Then, they need to transmit the recorded information to the intelligent management center. The management personnel can access and print the working performance of each security patrolling personnel to strengthen the management of the security personnel, thus achieving the perfect combination of personnel protection and technical protection.

Remote Meter Reading System
After modifying the water meter, electricity meter and coal gas meter, the indoor cable data terminal collects the data of the three meters, and transmits the collected data via the network to the center. The computer in the management center reads the data of the meters to implement remote automatic meter reading. This new meter reading method can avoid the interference of traditional manual meter reading to the residents and the error caused by manual meter reading. Moreover, it can help reduce personnel costs for property management department, and boost the management level.

Vehicle Access Management System
Through controlling the parking lot entrance of the residential community, the vehicle access and parking management system can complete effective management to vehicle access and charge.

Public Equipment Monitoring System
This system carries out the real-time monitoring and control to the working status of the water supply and drainage system, power transformation and distribution system, and elevator in the residential area, thus implementing the optimum management to the public equipment and decreasing the failure rate.

Meanwhile, the system utilizes the sensor technology and network communication control technology. In accordance with the brightness of natural light and the requirements for utilization, the intelligent switch mode and timing automatic control mode are employed for realizing automatic control to public lighting and ambient lighting. Then, we can optimize the lighting condition in the whole residential area, prolong the operation life of the lamp, and save the energy.

Emergency Broadcast and Background Music
Install the sound box in the public places or on the grassy lawn. Play some sweet and lively music to adjust the environmental atmosphere. The property management center can also issue notice and broadcast news via the sound box. In case of accident, the sound box can also play important role in evacuation organization and rescue command.

Property Management Computing System
The hardware part is composed of the computers or the computer local area network. The software part employs the high-efficient convenient software system to harmonize the relationship among the resident, property management personnel and property service personnel.

The system conducts the data acquisition, transmission, processing, storage and computing to the information concerning property management covering house property, residents, service, public facilities, project archives, general expenses and maintaining to reflect the operating situation of the property management. The software structure is based on the network to realize information sharing, to facilitate the communication between the property management company and the residents.

Television System
Examined and approved by relevant department, the satellite TV system can receive foreign television programs. The cable television system can receive more than twenty programs of cable television broadcast. The pay TV system allows the user to receive some special programs after paying the certain fee. The video on demand system (VOD) enables the users at home to select their favorite video program according to their own preferences.

Computer Network System
Each household has the computer network interface. The resident can apply for network connection freely. The computer network for the residents connects with the public information network, commercial sales network, library and information network, medical and health network, organizations and institutions network, campus network, financial securities network, corporate network, bank network, and internet.

After the connection with network, the residents can visit above all kinds of network. He can send and receive the e-mail, log in the remote network, make voice communication, send the fax, conduct security trading, receive home education, carry out remote medical diagnosis and consultation, and more at home.

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