>> Application of Passive Infrared Detector in Security and Protection Engineering >>
The passive infrared detector is largely used in the security and protection engineering. For guaranteeing the high-efficiency normal work of the device, the design personnel need to tackle the vexed question of avoiding failing to alarm, reducing false alarm and especially minimizing the false alarm. So, there is the need for us to know the basic working principle and technological characteristics of passive infrared detector.

>> Installation and Matters Needing Attention of Burglary Protection System >>
Confirm the mounting position, angle, and height of the detector according to the effective detection zone, and the environment of the detector. On the basis of complying with the detection requirements, install the detector at the concealed location as much as possible.

>> How to Choose Burglar Alarm for Home Use >>
Along with the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standard, people also pay much attention to family property and home safety. In the social commercialization process, some instable factors brought by the social transition also promote the requirement of people to the household burglar alarm. The popularization and progress of science and technology make the originally mysterious burglar alarm enter into ordinary people's life.

>> Intelligent Residential Function Introduction >>
The user installs the glass break detector, magnetic window switch, and microwave infrared detector at door, window and balcony, and mounts the smoke detector in bedroom and living room. When there is the illegal intrusion or fire danger, the above corresponding detectors raise the alarm immediately, and send out the alarm information to the center via the network ...

>> Common Sense of Application of Smoke Detector >>
The home use smoke alarm consists of four parts incorporating one sensor, one loudspeaker, one battery device (or being connected to the electric wire), and one circuit board. When the smoke alarm is connected to the household electrical wire, one backup battery is also necessary. The sensor is optional with the ion transducer and photoelectric type.

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