How to Choose Burglar Alarm for Home Use

Along with the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standard, people also pay much attention to family property and home safety. In the social commercialization process, some instable factors brought by the social transition also promote the requirement of people to the household burglar alarm. The popularization and progress of science and technology make the originally mysterious burglar alarm enter into ordinary people's life. Then, how to choose a set of functional, practical and affordable household burglar alarm comes to be a problem.

We suggest the user pay more attention to the following points.
1. Basic Composition of Home Burglar Alarm

The home burglar alarm is generally comprised of alarm host, various kinds of protective detectors, and the user operating unit including the keyboard, remote controller, etc.

From the view of function, it is split into the detection part, field processing part, and the subsequent processing part. The protective detectors fall into the door magnetic switch, passive infrared detector, active infrared detector, emergency button, smoke detector, combustible gas detector, etc. Those devices constitute the detection part of the alarm system. And the alarm host with the functions of field sound alarm and automatically dialing the preset number for voice alarm, the telephone line and the special data line together form the field processing part and the subsequent processing part.

2. Type Selection
In terms of installation, the burglar alarm can be divided into the wired type and wireless type. The wired type is marked by reliable communication, strong anti interference ability, low element cost, etc. It is suitable for new-built building which can reserve connection wire in the wall. The main shortage of the wired type burglar alarm is bad mobility, and poor adaptability to the diversified requirements of the user and the products. Meanwhile, it is a spiny to install the wired type burglar alarm in the well decorated room.

The wireless mode can avoid the wire connecting the burglar alarm and the alarm host ruining the interior decoration. It has the features covering high flexibility and simplicity. However, the wireless burglar alarm is vulnerable to the interference of external electromagnetic wave. Its elements cost high comparatively.

From the aspect of function, the burglar alarm can be classified into the field alarm type and intelligent phone alarm type. When there is the abnormal situation, the detector sends the signal to the alarm host. After the alarm host receiving the signal, the detector at the field emits the alarm sound to deter the thief. That is how the field alarm type product works.

As to the intelligent phone alarm type, apart from the function of field alarm sound emitting, the alarm host can dial the preset number automatically. After being connected, it can play the voice that the user pre-records for telling the place suffering the theft. Through the phone, the situation at the field can be monitored. Taking advantage of the function, the burglar alarm can form the network alarm system with the community security or the local police center.

The user should take household size, construction features, surrounding environment, family composition, and other factors into account when choosing the home burglar alarm.

3. Price
With the rapid development of semiconductor electronic component technology, the current home burglar alarm has been greatly improved in contrast with the previous products in production technology and quality stability. And the price also declines largely. The home burglar alarm has been more and more widely applied into the ordinary families. Please log in our website for getting the detailed price and model information of the product.

4. Quality Assurance
The user should choose the burglar alarm product produced by the qualified manufacturers. Those products are guaranteed with the quality by passing the test of national measuring quality department and other related departments. The qualified electronic anti-theft alarm product should at least pass the following test and certification.
a. Test by Testing Center for Quality of Security and Police Electronic Product under the Ministry of Public Security of P.R.China
b. China Compulsory Product Certification (CCC)

When selecting the anti-theft alarm product, the user should pay extra attention to seeing whether the product is approved with the above test and certification.

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