Installation and Matters Needing Attention of Burglary Protection System

1. Basic Requirements of the System Design and Installation
A. Select the detector with appropriate type and model in accordance with the protection requirements of the area needing detection.

B. Confirm the mounting position, angle, and height of the detector according to the effective detection zone, and the environment of the detector. On the basis of complying with the detection requirements, install the detector at the concealed location as much as possible.

C. The wiring should be hidden as much as possible for avoiding being damaged. If the user takes usage of the open wire mode, the wiring channel or the plastic sleeve should be employed to protect the wire from the damage by the rodent such as the mouse.

D. The construction drawing should be noted with the model and specification of the detector and the optical fiber cable within each detection zone, as well as the purpose of the colored lines in the cable.

E. The construction drawing should be saved for facilitating system maintenance.

2. System Installation and Debugging
A. Installation Process Requirements of Infrared Detector
a. During the installation, the user should notice the angle and height between the detector and the horizontal plane. That would have a great influence on the detection zone.
b. The installation should avoid the cold and heat source such as the cold and hot air vent, exhaust outlet of air conditioner, electric heater, cold air machine, etc.
c. Within the detection zone of the detector, there should have no obstacle.
d. The detector should not face the window and door.
e. For guaranteeing the transmitting effect of the antenna, please pull out of the antenna completely.

B. Installation of Door Magnetic Switch
The mounting position of the door magnetic switch should be confirmed in accordance with the minimum angle to open the door. The distance of the magnet and the switch cannot exceed 10mm. To get the optimum antenna transmitting effect, please pull out of the antenna completely.

C. Installation of Alarm Host
The alarm host should be installed in the hidden place. But the part on the front cover corresponding to the microphone and built-in speaker of the alarm host cannot be covered. That is for not affecting the monitoring sensitivity and the alarm sound degree. The alarm host is not the explosion proof type instrument. It cannot be applied into the hazardous occasions of level I, II, and III directly. Otherwise, there may have the danger. The hazardous occasions of level I, II and III are the places containing a certain concentration of flammable and explosive steam gas, dust and fiber.

Meanwhile, do not mount the alarm host close to the equipment emitting strong electromagnetic radiation such as TV, air conditioner, computer, microwave oven, etc. Otherwise, the receiving effect of the antenna would be affected.

For guaranteeing the reliable operation of the system, we recommend the utilization of backup battery. If the power outage happens frequently or the power outage time is long, the backup battery with larger capacity is suggested for use. And pull out of the antenna completely to ensure the receiving effect of the antenna.

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