Passive Infrared Detector / Sensor

The passive infrared detector (PIR) adopts the passive infrared mode to achieve the security alarm function. It is mainly composed of optical system, pyroelectric sensor (or called infrared sensor), and the alarm controller. The product itself won't emit any energy. It just receives and detects the infrared radiation from the environment passively. Once the human body infrared radiation is detected, it is focused via the optical system, and then makes the pyroelectric device generate the mutation electric signal. Then the product can give the alarm.

Within the detection zone of the passive infrared sensor, the movement of the human body would cause the change of the infrared radiation in the area. The interior circuit of the wired product would generate the instantaneous open circuit signal or short circuit signal, and send the signal to the controller. If the wireless product is triggered, its interior wireless part would send the triggering signal to the alarm. The product is suitable for anti-theft security of the indoor places like the residential area, villa, office building, bank, etc.

The detection zone of the curtain passive infrared detector is just a plane like a curtain. The human body moving to pass the curtain can trigger the curtain product. So, the curtain product is widely applied for the protection at window, balcony and the corridor.

Related Names
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