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Pet Friendly Tri-Tech Passive Infrared/Microwave Detector

The HM-805DTP pet friendly tri-tech passive detector integrates the infrared, microwave and artificial intelligence together. It exploits a number of sophisticated analyses and processing technologies such as the microwave Doppler-effect analysis, spectrum analysis, dynamic threshold adjustment, artificial intelligence processing, etc.

The product carries out the intelligent analysis and quantitative calculation to the infrared spectroscopy emitted by the human body and the Doppler shift generated by reason of human body movement. Then, it makes a comparison of the current environment temperature, and analyzes the environmental impact, to raise the alarm to the human body movement accurately. Based on that, the product can work more stably and more effectively to prevent false alarm.

The pet friendly tri-tech passive detector is the optimum choice for security protection for household residential area, villa, factory building, shopping plaza, storehouse, office building, bank, machine room, and more. The executive standard for the product is GB10408.1, GB10408.5 and GB10408.6.

Technical Specification
Operating Voltage DC9~24V
Current Consumption ≤ 18mA (DC12V)
Alarm Indication Infrared LED
Pet Immunity Level < 20kg
Alarm Output Relay Output
Detecting Speed 0.3m/s -3m/s
Self-testing Time 60s
Microwave Antenna Wall Planar Antenna with High-frequency GaAs FET Oscillator, Frequency of 10.525G
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Ambient Temperature 95% RH (Maximum, No Condensation Phenomenon)
Anti RF Interference 10MHz ~ 1GHz 20V/m
Mounting Height 1.7 ~ 2.5m (Wall Mounting)
Alarm Output Optional with N.C. and N.O, Contact Rating of DC28V 100mA
Tamper Output N.C, Contact Rating of DC28V 100mA
Overall Dimension 123×62×46mm

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