Smoke Detector

The smoke detector is a kind of device for detecting the smoke in the air. It can accurately detect the smoke generated during the early fire to make early warning. In a certain space range, if the smoke density reaches the preset parameter value of the product, the probe would be triggered, making the internal circuit generate the alarm signal. The product is suitable for providing security protection for those indoor places possibly having the danger of fire such as household residential area, communication base station, machine room, factory building, shopping mall, warehouse, office building, etc.

Our smoke detector is mainly the photoelectric type. It detects the fire by utilizing the principle of the particle in the smoke refracting the infrared light. There are the transmitting tube and receiving tube on the product. The transmitting tube emits the light which is received by the receiving tube with no obstacle. Then, the light is sent back to the MCU (micro controller unit). This is the inspection process of the product.

When there is the smoke, the light emitted by the transmitting tube is obstructed by the smoke. And the receiving tube sends the received optical signal to the MCU. Then, the MCU identifies the returned signal. If the returned signal doesn't tally with the received optical signal without obstacle, and tallies with the prestored fire alarm signal, then the smoke detector would report the fire alarm signal. If the returned signal comes out in keeping with the prestored fault signal, the product would report the fault signal.

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