1. 2-Wire Network Photoelectric Smoke DetectorBeing the non-coding conventional type, the product adopts the MCU circuit design, and can be dustproof, pest immune, and resistant to the white light interference. It makes use of the huge difference between the current before and after the alarm to let the controller identify the alarm signal.
    1. 46mm 2-Wire Network Photoelectric Smoke DetectorThe HM-613PC-2 2-wire network photoelectric smoke detector works with wide input voltage of DC9-35V. And there is no need to distinguish the negative and positive poles for power wiring. After the alarm, the product can reset after the power outage. As the conventional type, it utilizes the hardware and software circuit design, and is immune to the dust, pest and white light interference.
    1. 53mm 2-Wire Network Photoelectric Smoke DetectorAdopting the intelligent circuit design and SMT production technology, the product is dustproof, immune to the pest, and resistant to the interference from electromagnetism, radio frequency and airflow. With the stainless steel shield cover and stainless steel protection screen against pest available, it can serve for a long time.

2-Wire Network Photoelectric Smoke Detector

The 2-wire network photoelectric smoke detector needs to work with the fire alarm control panel together. From the product to the fire alarm control panel, there are only two wires transmitting the power signal and output signal. The product is powered via the fire alarm control panel. When the product detects the smoke and the smoke concentration comes to the alarm level, the internal circuit of the product generates the alarm current signal and sends the signal to the fire alarm control panel. The red LED indicator flashes also.

Our 2-wire network photoelectric smoke detector employs the digital circuit design, SMT production technology, and non-polar power input. With the supply voltage of 9V to 35V, it is compatible with all the conventional fire alarm control panels in the market. Meanwhile, the product is qualified with the LPCB EN54-7 certification.

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