1. Independent Photoelectric Smoke Detector / Alarm The battery compartment is designed to allow easy battery replacement. Meanwhile, it adopts the special design for avoiding the user forgets to load the battery. When the battery is not loaded into the battery compartment, the battery compartment cannot be closed.
    1. Independent Photoelectric Smoke Detector(9V battery)The product is dustproof, and has the ability of pest immunity and anti light interference. Its stability is guaranteed from the design aspect. The product has a good reaction to the visible smoke generated by the slow smoldering or the flame combustion.
    1. Independent Photoelectric Smoke Detector / Fire Alarm (AC 110V/220 Power)It takes usage of the unique structural design and photoelectric signal processing technology, ensuring the stability from design basis. The product employs the SMT technology, adopts international famous brand components, and utilizes the ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) advanced technology for the circuit.
    1. Independent Photoelectric Smoke DetectorThe circuit is mainly composed of infrared emission part and the receiving part. The transmitting tube and the receiving tube are housed in the optical chamber which can shield the interference from the external stray light but won't affect the entry of the smoke.
    1. Independent Photoelectric Smoke AlarmThe professional battery compartment design allows the user to replace the batteries with no need to take the product down. Featuring small volume and light weight, the product utilizes double-sided glass fiber PCB board. It won't come out with aging in ten years.
    1. Independent Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Mute ButtonThe product is compliant with the international EN14604 standard. It is small in volume, and light in weight. The battery compartment is designed professionally. The user can replace the battery by no need to take the product down. The product is also furnished with the double-sided PCB board. It won't perish in ten years.
    1. Photoelectric Smoke Alarm, HM-622PSConveniently, the battery compartment is located on the surface of the product. So users can replace the battery easily without troublesome disassembly of the independent smoke detector.
      The photoelectric sensor has high sensitivity.
    1. Photoelectric Smoke Alarm, HM-623PSThis rang of independent smoke detector is designed with vibration resistance performance. The fixing pin on the product can be plugged into the hole on the fixing support to avoid product falling-off.
    1. Smoke Detector, HM-625PHSOur independent smoke detector is constructed with test button. So users can conduct irregular test on the product to ensure the normal working state of the product. This smoke detector is certified by ETL.
    1. Smoke Detector, HM-626PHS Low voltage alarm function eliminates malfunction caused by low voltage.
      This fire alarm is certified by ETL.
      Our smoke detecting device is manufactured according to UL217 and EN14604 standard.

Independent Smoke Detector

The independent smoke detector is used independently, and powered by battery generally. It is installed easily and conveniently. The cover of the battery compartment is designed to be open and closed easily. When the product detects the smoke and the smoke density achieves the alarm level, the red LED indicator starts flashing and the product emits the 85dB alarm sound. So far, some of our independent smoke detector products have passed the certification of European EN14604. The product is usually employed for the occasions like decorated shop, shopping mall, factory, and supermarket.

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