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Independent Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Mute Button

The HM-623PHS independent photoelectric smoke alarm is outfitted with the mute button. When the user hears the fire alarm, he can press down the mute button to let the product enter the mute status. The product is compliant with the international EN14604 standard. It is small in volume, and light in weight. The battery compartment is designed professionally. The user can replace the battery by no need to take the product down. The product is also furnished with the double-sided PCB board. It won't perish in ten years.

Working by utilizing the principle of the particle in the smoke refracting the infrared light, the independent photoelectric smoke alarm is competent for fire alarm for the places such as dormitory building, warehouse, factory building, dining hall, supermarket, etc.

Technical Specification
Operating Voltage DC9V (6F 22 Battery)
Standby Current ≤10uA
Alarm Current ≤35mA
Mute Time 10min
Sensitivity 2.06%/ft ±1.3%/ft
Alarm Indication Red LED and Buzzer Emitting Alarm Sound
Alarm Sound Pressure ≥ 85dB/3m
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Ambient Humidity ≤ 95% RH (No Condensation Phenomenon)
Battery Life 1 Year
Overall Dimension Φ95×41mm

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