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Independent Photoelectric Smoke Detector / Alarm

The HM-621PHS independent photoelectric smoke detector consumes low battery power. Two AA high capacity batteries are employed for powering the product. The battery can support the product for over three years. The battery compartment is designed to allow easy battery replacement. Meanwhile, it adopts the special design for avoiding the user forgets to load the battery. When the battery is not loaded into the battery compartment, the battery compartment cannot be closed.

The independent photoelectric smoke detector is available with the mute function. When the product gives the alarm, the user can press down the mute key to keep the product in the mute state. When the smoke spreads out, and the smoke density in the air is below the alarm level, the product would reset automatically.

The independent photoelectric smoke detector also has the fault self diagnosis function. When the product has the fault, it would emit the 85dB sound to inform the user. Meanwhile, the product is provided with the vibration resistance design. It can be mounted on the vehicle for use. In addition, the executive standard for the product is GB4715-2005 and EN14604.

Technical Specification
Operating Voltage DC 3V (Two AA Batteries)
Standby Current ≤10uA
Alarm Current ≤25mA
Mute Time 10min
Sensitivity 0.16dB/m (±0.05dB/m)
Alarm Indication Red LED and Buzzer Emitting the Alarm Sound
Fault Indication Orange LED
Alarm Sound Pressure ≥ 85dB/3m
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Ambient Temperature ≤ 95% RH (No Condensation Phenomenon)
Overall Dimension Ф110×45mm

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