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Independent Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector (Battery Power)

The HM-621THS independent carbon monoxide and smoke detector is the photoelectric type alarm device. It can detect both the smoke and the carbon monoxide to avoid the fire and the carbon monoxide poisoning. Powered by two AA batteries, the product is very easy to use and has a long service lifetime. And the battery compartment is designed to be convenient for battery loading.

The independent carbon monoxide and smoke detector would emit different alarm sound for fire alarm and carbon monoxide alarm. The LED indication is available for both alarm and low battery voltage reminding. With the inspection function available, the product can automatically detect whether the product is in normal working status. By adopting the electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor, it shows good conformability and accurate concentration detection. Moreover, the product is designed to be shockproof. It can be mounted in the vehicle to prevent the exhaust poisoning.

Technical Specification
Operating Voltage DC 3V (2 AA Batteries)
Standby Current ≤10uA
Alarm Current ≤25mA
Mute Time 10min
Warm-up Time 3min
Alarm Level of Carbon Monoxide Concentration 40ppm≤x < 75ppm, Alarm after 75 Minutes
75ppm≤x < 200ppm, Alarm after 25 Minutes
200ppm≤x, Alarm after 30 to 50 Seconds
< 40ppm, Alarm Cleared and Product Reset
Sensitivity 0.16dB/m(±0.05dB/m)
Alarm Indication Red LED and Buzzer Emitting Alarm Sound
Fault Indication Orange LED
Alarm Sound Pressure ≥ 85dB/3m
Alarm Sound Smoke: Di-di-di…
Carbon Monoxide: Di… with No Interruption
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Environmental Humidity ≤ 95% RH (No Condensation Phenomenon)
Overall Dimension Ф110×45mm

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