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Carbon Monoxide Detector with LCD Display

The HM-712ESY series carbon monoxide detector is furnished with the LCD display screen for showing the alarm concentration. It employs the NEMOTO electrochemical sensor. Working on the wide voltage of AC110V-240V, the product won’t be affect by the instable voltage. It also supports the use of rechargeable backup battery. When the battery power is insufficient, the product can remind the user of that. When the product is in alarm state, it can drive the fan to disperse the gas, and drive the electromagnetic valve to close the valve to stop gas leakage. Additionally, the carbon monoxide detector is approved by the standard of EN50291.

Technical Specification
Type Independent Type Independent Type with 12V Pulse Output to Drive Electromagnetic Valve Independent Type with Normally Open Relay Output to Drive Fan
Operating Voltage AC100-240V Plus 9V Rechargeable Backup Battery
Sensor Electrochemical CO Sensor
Alarm Concentration 150ppm±50ppm
Alarm Sound Pressure 85dB/3m
Alarm Output Not Available 12V Pulse Output Normally Open Relay Output
LCD Display Screen Displaying CO Level since 100PPM, Showing Battery Power and Alarm Concentration
Indicator AC Power Source: Green LED Normally on
Alarm: Red LED Flashing
Sensor Fault: Yellow LED Normally on
Working Environment Temperature Range: -10℃ ~ +55℃
Humidity Range: 10%~95% RH (No Condensation Phenomenon)
Dimension 118.5×82×43mm

Related Names
Combustible Gas Indicator | Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm | CO Leak Monitor

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