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Photoelectric Smoke Alarm, HM-623PS

The HM-623PS photoelectric smoke alarm is powered by 9V battery. The battery compartment is on the product surface, enabling easy battery replacement without troublesome dismantling of the photoelectric smoke sensor. In addition, this product has the following features.

1. The photoelectric smoke alarm supports audible-visual alarm.
2. It is capable of detecting the smog caused by combustion, timely.
3. By virtue of the low-voltage warning function, the smoke detector can fully eliminate warning failure caused by poor power supply.
4. This rang of independent smoke detector is designed with vibration resistance performance. The fixing pin on the product can be plugged into the hole on the fixing support to avoid product falling-off.
5. UL217 and EN14604 compliant, the photoelectric smoke alarm is extensively used in office, airport, hotel, school, household, and some other places.

Technical Parameters
Working Voltage 9V
Quiescent Current 12uA
Alarm Current 20mA
Alarm Output Audible-visual alarm
Alarm Sound Pressure 85dB/3m
Installation Type Ceiling mounted
Sensitivity 1.8%/ft±0.8%/ft
Working Temperature -10°C-50°C
Size Φ95×41mm
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