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Photoelectric Smoke Alarm, HM-622PS

1. The HM-622PS photoelectric smoke alarm adopts intelligent circuit design.
2. Conveniently, the battery compartment is located on the surface of the product. So users can replace the battery easily without troublesome disassembly of the independent smoke detector.
3. The photoelectric sensor has high sensitivity.
4. Coming with test button, the smoke detector supports irregular product testing.
5. Thanks to the low-voltage warning function, the indicator light of the photoelectric smoke alarm will light on and beep to remind the users to replace the battery.
6. This range of smoke detecting device is specially designed with vibration resistance. The fixing pin shall be plug into the hole on the side of the mounting bracket. So falling caused by vibration can be avoided.
7. Applicable for household, factory, hospital, and office building, the photoelectric smoke alarm is UL217 and EN14604 compliant.

Technical Parameters
Working Voltage 9V battery
Quiescent Current 12uA
Alarm Current 20mA
Alarm Output Audible-visual alarm
Alarm Sound Pressure 85dB/3m
Installation Type Ceiling mounted
Sensitivity 1.8%/ft±0.8%/ft
Working Temperature -10°C-50°C
Size Φ95×41mm
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