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Carbon Monoxide Detector, HM-723ESY-BT

The carbon monoxide detector is particularly designed with LCD to display the alarm concentration. The automatic reset and self-diagnosis function ensure easy operation of the product. Our carbon monoxide detector with LCD is powered by two 1.5V AA batteries. Thanks to the MCU intelligent circuit design and the high-sensitivity FIGARO electrochemical sensor, the indoor CO detector has high safety. Generally, the carbon monoxide monitor is mounted on the ceiling.

Technical Parameters of Carbon Monoxide Detector
Operating Voltage DC3V (2×1.5V AA battery)
Detectable Gas Carbon monoxide
Sensor FIGARO electrochemical sensor
Alarm Concentration 30ppm (alarm after 120 minutes), 50ppm (alarm within 60-90 minutes), 100ppm (alarm within 10-40 minutes), 300ppm (alarm within 3 minutes)
Alarm Sound Pressure 85dB/3m
Operating Temperature -10°C-50°C
Product Size 130×72×43mm
Battery Life 2 years
Product Lifetime 5 years
Standard GB15322, UL2034, and EN50291
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