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Carbon Monoxide Detector, HM-723ES-BT

Powered by two 1.5V AA batteries, the carbon monoxide detector is designed with MCU intelligent circuit and high-sensitivity FIGARO electrochemical sensor. The self-diagnosis and automatic reset function for the ceiling-mounted CO detector bring more convenience to the users. The carbon monoxide detecting equipment is GB15322, UL2034, and EN50291 compliant.

Technical Parameters of Carbon Monoxide Detector
Operating Voltage DC3V (2×1.5V AA batteries)
Detectable Gas Carbon monoxide
Sensor FIGARO electrochemical sensor
Alarm Concentration 30ppm (alarm after 120 minutes), 50ppm (alarm within 60-90 minutes), 100ppm (alarm within 10-40 minutes), 300ppm (alarm within 3 minutes)
Alarm Sound Pressure 85dB/3m
Operating Temperature -10°C-50°C
Product Size 130×72×43mm
Battery Life 2 years
Product Lifetime 5 years
Standard GB15322, UL2034, and EN50291
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